The sommeliers range
The items of the sommeliers range are available in shiny polish or mat polish stainless steels.

1- Mat polish items
2- Shiny polish items
3- Options


Exemple : Réf : SOM99MRI Grape marquetry, mat polish


Mat polish : Olivewood, Juniper, Box, Oak barrel, Rosewood, Briar root, Ebony, Wenge, Grape marquetry, zebrano
Shiny polisht : Mammoth ivory, Ram, Silver, Solid horn, Buffalo, Amourette, Colour. (red, yellow, orange, white, black, lilac), turquoise, larimar, malachite.
Ophrys items in mat polish

Mat polish items
Exemple : Réf : SOM99MRI Grape marquetry, mat polish
Réf SOM99OLI : Olivewood, mat polish
Réf SOM99GEI : Juniper, imat polish
Réf SOM99BII : Box, mat polish
Réf SOM99CHI : Oak barrel, mat polish
Réf SOM99ROI : Rosewood, mat polish
Réf SOM99WSI Woodstock marquetry wine opener

Shiny polish items


Réf SOM99PCI : Solid horn, shiny polish


Réf SOM99BUI :Buffalo, shiny polish

Réf SOM99IVI : mammoth ivory wine opener

Réf SOM99DAI : Draughtboard marquetry Ivory/Ebony wine opener

Réf SOM99SII : Siver wine opener

Examples of wine openers in coloured Corian

Réf SOM99PWI : Larimar wine opener

Réf SOM99PTI : Turquoise wine opener
Réf SOM99PMI : Malachite wine opener
Réf SOM99BUI : Buffalo wine opener
Réf SOM99BEI : ham crust wine opener
Réf SOM99AMI : amourette wine opener
Réf SOM99VLI : wine opener Difou
Réf SOM99TXI : Texalium wine opener

Réf SO99WRI : Red Marsh mallow wine opener

Réf SOM99OKI : Wine opener Camel Bone
Ref SOM99O2I : wine-opener purple tinted camel bone
Ref SOM99O4I : wine-opener green tinted camel bone
Réf SOP99IBI : shiny stainless steel wine opener
Réf SOP99IMI : mat stainless steel wine opener
Réf SOM99N1I : Wine opener Honeycomb
Réf SOM99S1I : Wine opener Canvas
Réf SOM99AXI : Wine opener Alumi
Réf SOM99F1I : Wine opener Fireworks violet
Réf SOM99F2I : Wine opener Fireworks orange
Réf SOM99CHW : Sommelier 2 bolsters Oak Fly Grape
Réf SOM99AMHY : Wine-opener in Amourette with Lily Bee
Réf SOM99EBHV : Wine-opener in Ebony with Freemason Bee
Réf SOM99GEHQ : Wine-opener in Juniper with Acanthus leaf Bee
Réf SOM99J2I : Wine opener « Laguiole roseau » Yellow
Réf SOM99J4I : Wine opener « Laguiole roseau » Brown